Booking made simple for tattoo artists.

Save time for doing what you love while reducing no-shows and giving your clients the easiest booking experience in the process.

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The only app you need to simplify your tattoo appointment booking.

From online booking, text reminders, & client management our software has got you covered.

Allow your clients to view your calendar & schedule a consultation without all of the back & forth.

Allow your clients to view your calendar & schedule a consultation without all of the back & forth. Screenshot

How the TattooSchedule app makes your life easier

Once you see how much time & effort TattooSchedule can save you you'll never look back. Here is how it works

Online Booking

User visits your booking page

Post your custom booking link in your social bios and direct clients to it for booking request. Your clients will be able to setup a booking request with all relevant details without any communication on your end.

Seamless Communication

You Review booking requests

Review all booking request and approve or deny them with a single click.

Automatic Text Reminders

Automatic text reminders sent to client

No-shows suck and cost you money. Automatic text reminders help to drastically reduce no-shows & put money back into your pocket.

Simple Booking, for busy tattoo artists.


All you need to start saving yourself time and money.


Cancel Anytime. No questions asked.

  • Customer Support
  • 1 Online booking calendar
  • Appointment Text Reminders
  • Powerful & Organized Calendar
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Frequently asked questions

Can't find what you are looking for? Feel free to message us: or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner.

    • Can I change the tattoo specific information on my booking page?

      This is a future enhancement that we plan to work on.

    • What if I do not want to have my self available for a certain period of time?

      You can go into your calendar and create a new away event so that your calendar is not available during that period of time.

    • Does it handle deposits & payments?

      Currently no, we do not handle deposits or payments. This is a future enhancement that we are exploring.

    • Is this a full fledge CRM?

      The short answer is no, but the real answer is not yet.