Blog PostTattoo Scheduling Software: A Game-Changer for Tattoo Artists

Why use tattoo scheduling Software?

As a tattoo artist, your time is your most valuable resource. Messaging back and forth through email or social media, managing your calendar, and organizing all your appointment information can be overwhelming and very time consuming. Your time is better focused on giving your clients the tattoo of their dreams. Tattoo specific scheduling software can alleviate this burden. Tattoo Scheduling software can automate much of your current workflow.

Online Tattoo Booking

As an artist, you require a lot of information up front when deciding whether you want to work with a particular client or work on a particular piece. Utilizing online booking allows you to remove yourself from the equation of going back and forth with your client or potential client through email or social media. It also allows you to collect all of the information that you need about a given appointment in a standardized way, every single time. A lot of tattoo artists currently utilize google forms and other types of online forms for this purpose. However, using Google Forms can only get you so far. Using an app that is specific for tattoo artists allows the artists to approve or deny the request with a single click. No emailing or messaging the potential client. It also allows for appointments and all relevant data to automatically be added to your calendar without you having to lift a finger. But what if your potential client is a bit forgetful? Automatic text reminders to the rescue. Text reminders will help ensure that no-shows are a no-go! 🥁

Simple Booking Process for Clients

Scheduling a tattoo appointment can be a bit of a process, especially for people getting their first tattoo. There are dozens of articles online that go into detail about the best way to schedule an appointment. Giving your clients the easiest booking process can give you an all important edge in a very competitive market. Automatic text reminders will also quickly give your clients much appreciated updates about their appointment.

Client Management for Tattoo Artists & Studios

The more experience that you have tattooing, the more clients that you are going to have. Keeping track of all of your clients, their past appointments, and their upcoming appointments manually can quickly become a nightmare. Using tattoo specific scheduling software enables you to have a central database of all of your clients, all of which gets updated automatically each time a client has an appointment with you.

The Bottom Line

Tattoo scheduling software can be a game-changer for running your tattoo business and can help to boost your bottom line. If you want to take your tattooing business to the next level check out We provided all of these benefits and much more.