Joe Penn

Today we are talking with Joe Penn, an apprentice from the United Kingdom, with a focus on traditional & Japanese tattoos. Joe talks about giving his first tattoo and shouts out Mike Stockings new brush set.

Joe Penn - Rose Tattoo

What made you want to become a tattoo artist?

I grew up around lots of people that were all covered in tattoos so it's something that I'd always been aware of, got a few really bad tattoos at around age 15 then started to get tattooed by proper artists at 18 and was fascinated, had always day dreamed about how much I would love to tattoo then around 12 years later an opportunity arose to work with the guys at legacy tattoo and I just threw everything in to it!

Joe Penn – @joe.penn_
Joe Penn - Spiderman Tattoo

Any advice for someone looking to start a tattoo apprenticeship?

You will always get out of this what you put in so make sure you always stay positive and keep working hard! Never stop trying to be better!

Joe Penn – @joe.penn_
Joe Penn - Coffin Tattoo

What tattoo styles are you favorite to work in?

I love the bold style and solid colours of traditional work so always try and push my designs in that direction, but I also really love Japanese and neo Japanese work so would like to try that at some point.

Joe Penn – @joe.penn_
Joe Penn - Black and gray bird Tattoo

Who do you look up to in the tattoo industry?

My mentor Mike Stockings has been such a huge part of why I wanted to do this so badly, we've been friends since we were teenagers and I've seen first hand how much hard work he has put into creating everything he has today. He has shared so much knowledge with not just me but with everyone who wants to make it in an industry that's known for being very closed off.

Joe Penn – @joe.penn_
Joe Penn - Bird Tattoo

Any memorable experiences?

Having my brother in as my very first tattoo on another person was massive for me, I was so nervous but he just let me do my thing and sat like a rock through a simple rose that took me about 5 hours.

Joe Penn – @joe.penn_

Joe is clearly on the right path for a very successful career doing what he loves. Joe wants to shotout his mentor's (Mike Stockings) new brush set Power Tools. The best place to reach Joe is on his Instagram: joe.penn_. We can't wait to see where Joe goes from here!