Dominique Hoffert

Coming from Saskatoon, Canada, Dominique discovered his passion for tattooing after being laid off from two jobs during the pandemic, allowing him to focus on building his skills and portfolio. He enjoys working in traditional and neo-traditional styles, with a particular affinity for portrait tattoos, and draw inspiration from several industry artists. He advises aspiring artists and apprentices to be persistent and not pursue tattooing for money or prestige, while sharing a funny story from the industry.

Dominique Hoffert - Hand Tattoo

What made you want to become a tattoo artist?

I drew on myself throughout high school and tattooing was always a “what-if” for me. It wasn’t until I was laid off of 2 jobs from the pandemic that I really got to focus on my skill and portfolio to show potential mentors.

Dominique Hoffert – @nickhoffert15
Dominique Hoffert - Milk Tattoo

What tattoo styles are you favorite to work in?

I really enjoy doing traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, but I think my favorite thing to tattoo is portraits.

Dominique Hoffert – @nickhoffert15
Dominique Hoffert - Man Sitting Tattoo

Any advice for someone looking to start a tattoo apprenticeship?

1. You are not entitled to an apprenticeship 2. Do not do it for the money or the title 3. Do not give up on yourself

Dominique Hoffert – @nickhoffert15
Dominique Hoffert - Flower Tattoo

Who do you look up to in the tattoo industry?

I really look up to @haleygardinertattoos as a mentor and as a young artist. A couple people I follow who I also take inspiration from are @hannahflowers_tattoos and @needlef0x

Dominique Hoffert – @nickhoffert15
Dominique Hoffert - Bike Tattoo

Any funny stories from your time in the industry?

I used to work with someone who had a shelf of ink above the sharps container (one that had a lip to flip and dump the needles into the bin). While I was cleaning the ink bottles, I dropped a bottle of red ink onto the container and as I reached to grab it, the brand new, recently opened bottle of Deep Red fell into the sharps container. Needless to say I had to buy a whole new bottle to replace it - AND I learned something about where to put my ink bottles.

Dominique Hoffert – @nickhoffert15
Dominique Hoffert - Portrait Tattoo

Anything you want to promote?

Just my Instagram! My handle is @nickhoffert15. You can find fresh and healed tattoos, flash, and my website on there.

Dominique Hoffert – @nickhoffert15

We look forward to seeing where Dominique goes in the tattoo industry, this is very clearly just the beginning for him. Make sure to checkout and follow his Instagram and get in contact with him through is email: He can also be found at Honey Bee Tattoo Collect