Arron Board

For the first installment of FreshInk we talk with Arron Board, a tattoo artist from the UK, who discusses his interest in tattooing, his favorite styles to work in, and the artists who inspire him. He also shares some of his favorite pieces along the way and offers advice to aspiring tattoo apprentices.

Arron Board - Header Image

What made you want to become a tattoo artist?

“I've always been interested in art and did digital illustration in university. I came to love tattoos and all the different styles included within it. Tattooing encourages your creativity and that really appealed to me.”

Arron Board – @arronboardtattoo
Arron Board - Witch Tattoo

What tattoo styles are you favorite to work in?

“I'm still in the process of trying a bit of everything at the moment and really enjoying traditional and black and grey currently.”

Arron Board – @arronboardtattoo
Arron Board - Cartoon Tattoo

Any advice for someone looking to start a tattoo apprenticeship?

"Honestly, I'd say that it's something that consumes a lot of your time so you have to want it and be dedicated to it but it does pay off in the end. Also, when you have a mentor, you need one you respect and that respects you too. It works on mutual respect."

Arron Board – @arronboardtattoo
Arron Board - Second Cartoon Tattoo

Anything you want to promote?

"Only my own Instagram: @arronboardtattoo and the shop I work in with a great group of guys"

Arron Board – @arronboardtattoo

Arron has an extremely bright future in the tattoo industry. It is clear that he is passionate about tattooing and is dedicated to his craft. We are excited to see what he does next and hope you enjoyed this interview with Arron Board. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and check out his work at Baba Yaga Emporium in the United Kingdom.